This is a personal project that I work with 2 of my good friend : Bert and Owen. The Initial idea of this is to create a chinese ink/brush style world base on the real map data. Then one day we came across the ancient chinese myth : Kuafu (夸父追日 ) and we all like it. Then we decide to use this story for our project.

Kuafu is a big project and involved a lot testing and experiments. The main part is build in c++ with cinder framework, but also there’s a controller which is a web app and also a sound system build with PureData, and each parts communicate with each other through a node.js server. It’s a big project for just only 3 of us. I am focusing on the 3d visuals and the structure of the whole project. Bertrand is the designer and trying to create this very rich and different feeling world. Owen is the sound designer/developer focus on the interactive sound design.

We entered the competition of Google DevArt program with this project. We didn’t win it but we’ve made it to the top 10 finalist. ( Our project page is here ) We liked the idea of keeping track of the progress of the project just like the DevArt do, so after DevArt is finished we shift our project to here and keep updating our progress there.

I have done a lot of chinese ink and brush texture experiments on this project and use it to create the chinese ink style 3d mountain. I really enjoy this process of creating your own texture with real life materials. And also we are trying to mix western and eastern visual elements together, using traditional brush and ink to make the world with new 3D technologies. These conflicts have been a great inspiration to me.